Marty Taylor 

Papa Taiao Earthcare grew out of these words: "We don't expect them to pass anything just make sure they don't burn the school down." Shocked by his Principal's comment Marty asked if he could take the students out of school. "Nobody objected so we set up a stoat trapping line to protect an endangered bird called the Weweia." And every student in his class gained NCEA.

Marty left teaching for a role with Auckland University's Team Solutions as an Education for Sustainability facilitator. At the same time he continued his interest in ecological restoration and managed a rat control programme at Atuanui/Mt Auckland for Forest and Bird. 

Marty established Papa Taiao Earthcare in 2014 after six years teaching and facilitating Education for Sustainability in to secondary schools. 

While facilitating the Enviroschools programme at Northland Regional Council Marty piloted several of his ideas for ways to integrate Education for Sustainability in to the secondary school's curriculum. 

Prior to teaching Marty worked at Natural History New Zealand Ltd as a writer and librarian. After NHNZ was sold to Fox Television he started freelancing as a photographer and writer at New Zealand Geographic. He wrote predominantly on Natural History and Adventure. Delving even deeper in to the past Marty engaged in social and environmental activism while at University; sailing to Moruroa to protest against nuclear weapons testing and writing on the genetics of sexuality. Between 1991-95 he trained for adventure sport, climbed mountains, and wrote for medical, science and lay publications on topics as diverse as the ethics of using foetal tissue in research and medicine, the genetics of sexuality, nuclear arms reduction, the origins of life, nutritional supplementation in performance athletes and the philosophy of risk taking in adventure sport. Marty's interest in communication and writing started while studying Performance Nutrition at Otago University and tutoring Anatomy and Physiology at Otago Polytech. He eventually completed post graduate qualifications in Physical Education and Science from Otago University and Broadcast Communication from Auckland University. 

m: 022 650 2098

Miriam Sherratt

Grew up in beautiful Golden Bay and after travelling the world developed a passionate commitment to protecting the environment that we are lucky enough to have in New Zealand. Over the last three years she completed an Environmental Science and Biology degree.

In addition to studying she worked as a laboratory assistant at Victoria University, a laboratory demonstrator and was a summer scholar with the Wellington City Council and the Department of Conservation.

Her passion project while at University was managing the  Kumutoto Forest Restoration Project in Wellington Central.  


m: o27 541 6406




Shaun is a specialist in pest management.

In 2008 Shaun was in the first cohort of students to go through what has become Papa Taiao. As a Year 10 student he kept pestering Marty to go out with the Year 12 Papa Taiao group.  Since Marty relented Shaun has energetically combined his love of the outdoors and hunting with his desire to restore and protect native fauna.  He has contracted his skills and enthusiasm to the Department of Conservation, several Regional Councils and private and community pest control groups.

Shaun has been applying for pest control contracts since he was 19 and he relates extremely well to students who are often only a year or two younger than him.

Shaun is a fantastic peer-group mentor. He has established a solid name for himself in Northland pest control circles and runs his own successful pest control business.

Shaun is an emerging environmental entrepreneur and at 21 he is a natural, energetic and gifted educator. He employs the enthusiastic patient older brother or tuakana approach to great affect... supplying wild pork for hangi and barbecues only adds to his appeal.


m: 021 073 3381





Aaron Mccloy and Lynsday ElliotT

Our Far North teaching team revolves around Lynsday and Aaron. Lynsday leads Mātauranga, Te Reo and Tikanga and Aaron leads Science and Sustainability.  Together they work with the rangātahi and the community to build relationships and work on issue the students and community care about.


Shortly after receiving the news that 120 000 juvenile paua that had been gifted to Papa Taiao (for a coastal paua re-seeding) were infected with a parasitic protozoa, Aaron said, “I have been growing exotic fish for nearly 20 years and I reckon I can spawn and grow paua in my lab.” This positive problem-solving mind-set was the starting point of Aaron’s enterprising contributions to Papa Taiao Earthcare. 

The goodwill generated through the proposed paua re-seeding led to collaboration between Iwi, Kaitaia College and Papa Taiao Earthcare called the Te Piri Paua Project. In intervening years Aaron has designed a closed-circuit paua production unit that he has been using as a marine conservation-teaching tool. Aaron’s teaching has inspired the first cohort of Moana Restoration students.


m: 027 561 4646


Lynsday comes to Papa Taiao via the Army's Bomb Disposal Unit and has many skills and qualities that make him ideal... My specialties are in "bushcraft and blowing stuff up". Since being a soldier he has had a varied career in carpentry, youth work and manufacturing. Lynsday has a 56 Acre Block and is preparing to go "off the grid". He is a student of Te Reo and Tikanga and bridges Mātauranga Māori and Western Science with humility and skill... and he is fantastic at building relationships with the rangatahi.


m: 021 299 6789


glen coulston


Glen is a vastly experienced conservation professional.

He recently resigned from the Department of Conservation where he was the Regional Planning Manager for the Northern North Island.

His Primary focus has been threats to biodiversity. The threats Glen has experience managing include weeds, animal pests (deer, goats, pigs, possums, rats wasps and ants), fire and fencing.

Glen's work has included biodiversity restoration on islands and the mainland.

He has led programmes in weed control, rat eradication,  'Judas Pig' research, possum monitoring and toxin residue monitoring.



We are lucky to have Nina working with us for 2017 while she takes a gap year. Nina is another alumni of Papa Taiao Earthcare. 

In 2016 Nina participated in the Papa Taiao Earthcare Moana Restoration course. Through her work on the course she won a place on the New Zealand Young Enterprise team that visited Silicon Valley.

At the same time she worked on a peer-to-peer support group for young people with mental health issues in the Far North. For this work she won the New Zealand Herald's Young New Zealander of the year.

She is leading our promotional and student recruitment work before she heads back to study next year.


m: 027 579 5737



Papa Taiao appreciates the support for our Papa Taiao Predator Free Secondary programme being operated in Wellington and Northland.

Papa Taiao appreciates the support for our Papa Taiao Predator Free Secondary programme being operated in Wellington and Northland.

Te aki i te hunga tangata te tiaki inanga... The Whitebait Connection (WBC) is a non-profit action based community conservation education programme offering concrete and specific ways in which all New Zealanders can come to understand and become involved in the future health of our local streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. 


EMR is a national programme of experiential learning about marine conservation.  EMR’s independence, professional delivery, marine reserves focus and provision of a range of learning styles make it unique within New Zealand.  Since its introduction in Northland in 2002, EMR has expanded to  8 regions with a team of 16 coordinators nationwide. EMR has guided snorkel experiences in marine reserves around New Zealand involving 24901 students, with 33028 volunteer hours contributed. The wider community is reached via 300 printed media articles and over 8158 people have been engaged in EMR organised marine conservation events, taking our total number of known participants to 33059 New Zealanders.
EMR empowers schools and communities by providing the equipment and expertise for a hands-on learning experience in the ocean. The programme involves investigating marine biodiversity and local marine environments before venturing to a fully-protected marine reserve. After this experience, students are able to compare unprotected and protected areas and are supported to put their knowledge into action within the community.

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The National Trades Academy

Papa Taiao and the National Trades Academy have formed a strong working relationship through recent collaborations. The NTA hold consents for many of the courses we offer and provide a support moderation and administrative support.